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Pokemon: Black and Blue is a turn by turn game. Meaning, a character attacks then lets the other character attack. Having the joy of playing the original Pokemon, the aesthetics of how the game was presented and played really differs from how it was played originally. Instead of having a pokemon versus a pokemon, PETA created a game to make children or people aware by having pokemons fight humans.

PETA parodied this game to take on a new way of advertising to people that hurting, caging, and using of animals or pokemons is bad. They subverted to the underlying essence of the Pokemon franchise by discussing in the game about the life of the pokemons in their training and pokeball.

It has been known to us that pokemons are mere ‘fighting pets’ but PETA somehow got the freaking idea to associate something freaking imaginary to something real. This is something which annoys me towards PETA: they tend to be trying so hard to impose their cause in the weirdest of ways. I know, what they need is attention, but even Pokemon? Come on. Our generation got to play this game and enjoyed every single bit of it. We also got to watch the anime, the movie and even downloaded or bought the soundtrack of Pokemon: The Movie. So we were caging, punishing, and inflicting our Pokemons? RIGHT IN THE CHILDHOOD that we were prone to abusing animals then. Why can’t they just leave it as it is and accept that Pokemon is a child’s game with cute monsters who are well fed, who love their masters, and who enjoy the pokeball like it’s where they can replenish or rest. Pretty sure, the Pokemon makers didn’t intend for their franchise to end up as such. I think their target demographic would have to be everyone who loved Pokemon and PETA’s just taking advantage of the clamour of people who loved or still loves Pokemon. The mere fact that the pokemon is fighting for its life against trainers is already a whole new dimension to the game. The independence that the Pokemons gained required them to be fighting throughout their journey. Meeting a lot of people along the way such as  an abusive trainer, a furr guy, and a pokePIMP, divulges a whole new meaning to pokemon as mere pets.

I also think that the revolutionizing of the game has too much cliché on PETA’s part because the plot that they have come up with has been there but it’s just impossible for pokemons to freaking revolt. I just don’t think that the Pokemon world would have evil villains who will be using Pokemons as mere coats or labour animals. We have to think again, Pokemons are not animals because Pokemons possess skills that animals can’t do nor can achieve. If this game was put side by side with the original Pokemon, I don’t really think that PETA has much of a case in relating the freaking parody they created with the real game. In the real pokemon world, you can heal your pokemons but in the PETA game, you can only heal the pokemon if the pokemon has the skill. It’s just a short game which highlighted 3 main abuses to animals: entertainment, labour, and when an animal tries to escape.

Again, it’s a good cause, faulty execution. K

When computers take over…

Most movies that hit the blockbusters with the eerie effect always had the concept of technology controlling the society. Everything seemed to be interconnected in their world via technology. Every god damn spy movie involved technology as an integral part of their society. In the movie Die Hard 4, the antagonist controlled electricity, traffic lights through the method of Fire Sale. Now this is scary because if everything in our society now is now connected to a main frame, it would only take one man with very extensive skills to control the flow of a state. It is an established world in which society is dictated by how technology was formed. The advantages of technology are good for efficiency but technology is also one of disadvantageous for people who use their sills and talents with technology for power. Power, as we all know, is intoxicating. Everyone wants to gain power and to remain in power and that’s how these technology related movies were made. In the movie eagle eye, the US military government wanted to be able to prevent crime via a super computer which is connected to everything digital in the world. The artificial intelligence in this computer then realized that it can be more than just a computer but a computer who can control the humans. It controlled traffic lights, CCTVs, electricity, everything that every human person interact with. The computer wanted to revolutionize the world out how it thought that the world should be. Using its omnipotence and omniscience, it controlled the humans and monitored them with cell phones, security cameras, and etc. the meticulousness of the computer in the steps which she took somehow is a combined idea of man’s idea and a computer’s accurate calculation with processes which is why this super computer in the movie was able to play a dictator God.

The idea of how today’s world can create artificial technology can be a prelude to how man can just suddenly create a computer which man can’t control.

The terminator series showed a sequence of events if technology took over which ended with a post apocalypse world where humans were mere rats scurrying through the nuts and crammies of the post apocalyptic world ruled by robots.

In the movie Tron: Legacy, a human person was able to instill himself within a program but then the program gained power and thus controlled the “user.”

In the human world, the virtual world, and etc. technology/computers will have power if us, the “users” rely much on computers that we let them be humans.

Dreaming Online.

My online self is not so different with my true identity in so much as specific concrete details are concerned. But insofar as opportunities on the internet are to be talked about, I grab them which is why I tend to make believable enhancements about myself.

My facebook account is not so quite different from myself. Everything is accurate down to the time of birth or so. I basically use facebook to catch up with people and be up-to-date with new stuff all over the internet because facebook is a social network site.

If “identity is performance,” then my videos which are posted in my Vimeo or Youtube account cannot really be determined as me unless a person knows me really well. Not to brag but some works I’ve done are quite professionally made which sends the notion that “Captain Awesome Shutter,” the name of my production-house-dream-name, is an actual production house but in actuality CA Shutter is just a one-man freelancer entity. The online identity is a good use for establishment of thy self in a globalized world which opens up a whole new world.

This identity I have formed online is quite truthful to myself because it has been my dream to become a notable film maker someday and this online identity I have created is sort of a stepping stone. It becomes a challenge for me as an amateur to live up to the talent which I am offering. Basically, it is a stepping stone to all the connections I need in the modern world.



Digital media is everywhere and we are able to be part of this community via the world wide web. We are able to share and promulgate ideas in the world web and we tend to create a semantic of connections as an online community. Digital media has created a world for  every person online with regards to their own interest. Some created online games which require players to create their own avatar and to communicate to other players. Such games are,Ragnarok, Guild Wars 3, and Diablo 3 but remove the gameplay factor and you are left with the avatar, the avatar which serves as your main identity in the world wide web. The question at hand is: can there come a point in our lifetime that our human body will be replaced by our avatars and the only job we have to do is eat, sleep and go online?

Technology and Crime were closely seen in the CSI: New York series when Second Life was used as the catalyst for the crime and as means to look for the criminal. The cops were able to do their job and were able to ask questions via Second Life just like in real life while being under Second’s Life jurisdiction.


The use of avatars online provide people a feel of literally, a second life: you can interact like a normal human being but you can’t touch nor smell the other person and the CSI: NY Cops  were able to maximize the online media at hand.


In the The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification episode of the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon used a visual interface like robot to go  about his normal life because he wants to keep his body safe. It’s reasonable to take care of one’s self from the perils of the world but what is sacrificed? Maybe this is one of the reasons we tend to rather go online because we are all safe just clicking our mouses in our own virtual world.

Identity cannot be discussed without discussing Personality and it has been a problem for the online community if the person’s identity is truly the person’s personality.

A perfect example of identity-personality connection can be seen in Community’s episode, “Digital Estate Planning.” In this episode, Peirce Hawthorne and his friends were summoned to play a game with avatars and actually finish the game for Pierce to get his dad’s money.


The show has a variety of extreme personality characters and when they played the game, none of their traits were changed: Jeff was still the leader, Pierce was the annoying one, Shirley still like an afro-american christian, Britta was still dum, Troy was still awesome and fun, and Abed was still Abed. Their personalities were still intact even in the manner they played the game. The transcedence of their personalities to their digital identities were still intact until they finished the game.

As discussed above, having an extended part of yourself provides safety, efficient use of technology, and an identity-personality connection but what if there was a world where it was a norm to have avatars and human interaction is not really attained.


Surrogates, the movie starring Bruce Willis, is situated in an era where everyone had an extension of themselves via the robots created by one man. These robots let them interact with people, talk to people, do their jobs, and it keeps the humans safe from prior danger. People in this movie just opted to be logged in to their surrogates because it was a trend, a lifestyle, and a norm. So what’s the downside of this? The movie’s issue was centered on the device which kills the actual human via their robots. It was a grave threat for everyone because everyone was logged in. It was then discovered that the creator of the Surrogates was the one behind it all and his reason was because it was wrong. Once everyone was “offlined” from the system, people started stepping out of their houses and actually live. I think that’s the whole point of being alive… living.






Online Culture

The simplest word which can describe the culture of society today is online. People nowadays tend to accumulate and adapt future technologies as part of their lifestyle which accustom to their needs into day to day life. A simple “hi” or “hello” does not happen via a phone call because human beings are more inclined to tweet/post/pm that message when they’re online. They somehow want that “hi/hello” to be seen by everyone who’s online at that time.

Even politicians, celebrities, and etc. go online to promote themselves via social networking sites which are like wallstreet with people who argue their opinions against one another with regards to issues.  

The internet has become a database of information in terms of news and etc. because through this online culture, a normal citizen who has a gadget can be a news reporter to inform other online people what just happened.

Even the government goes online to be somehow transparent to the people about the government projects, performance, and etc.  An example of this is how the MMDA here in the Philippines go online to stream videos and pictures of the traffic in some places which benefit drivers and commuters greatly.

I subscribe to this culture because of the easiness it has given me to do school work, to talk to people, and etc. It has given me the comfort of being ready with anything; with a click of a button, I am able to research information, tweet to friends, and basically, get stuff done. This online culture is a very efficient way to communicate to people because of the constant connectivity it provides us. “New ties are made, old ties become stronger.”

Source: www.9gag.com

Oh Technology, How TemperAmental You Are.

At this time of age, technology is not new to a lot of people in my generation. It helps promote a globalized world which is personalized for each and every user. With a touch of a button, we are able to connect to different kinds of people via social networking sites, photo streams, skype, and etc. With these things in mind, my camera, laptop, the internet, and most especially my phone are the digital media/technologies which play a very big role in my everyday life.

The items stated above are generic gadgets which circulate in the metro. The fact that those gadgets can be personalized in accordance to my preferences/needs makes technology a necessity for me to have an easier way to communicate to people, to create films, and to be up to date. With a touch of a keypad, I am able to find out what’s new via my phone and the internet. Without those two, communication and globalization would be prehistoric in terms of speed and quality.

The availability of torrent search engines makes it easier for film makers like me to acquire Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and etc. It reaches down to artists to give an opportunity to download and install programs which Hollywood people use thus, giving us the same edge when it comes to technology.

These technologies open opportunities for consumers to be prosumers. People are more capable to have a profession with regards to their passion and through technology and digital media, they are able to do so.

Insofar creativity is concerned, these technologies are catalysts for people to create beyond their limits, as wide as the internet database is. But then again, record stores, publishing houses, and producers lose profit because of the piracy rampant all over the internet.

With that said, technology can be whatever you want it to be. It just depends on how you use it.

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favourite female charactersbritta perry » community

favourite female characters
britta perry » community

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omg, tooo freaking cute!








omg, tooo freaking cute!




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Bullet through gelatin  

Bullet through gelatin  

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